X2 Climber Kit Blue 43mm Gaffs     Product# SS-2H1272          
X2 Climber Kit Blue 67mm Gaffs     Product# SS-2H1232          

The STEIN X2 Aluminium Climbers are truly a lightweight set of climbers at only 1095gm* in weight.

These have been designed with the taller climber in mind. The pad adjusters have been increased by 50mm to accommodate those with longer legs. The ring on the base straps is made from a new curved stainless steel ring and the climber has been tapered to allow the ring more freedom of movement.

These are supplied complete with:

Velcro Pads
67mm Long Gaffs or 43mm Short Gaffs
Gaff Guards
Lower Straps

Supplied in a specially designed padded storage bag as standard

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281063

Replaceable Gaffs Yes

Adjust Height Pads Yes

Gaff Size 43mm/67mm

Weight (pair) gms 2190

Material Aluminium

X2 Climber Replacement 67mm Gaffs     Product# SS-4610122110       
X2 Climber Replacement 43mm Gaffs     Product# SS-4610122111          

43mm & 67mm Replacement Tree Gaffs Comes complete with Gaff Screws and an Allen Wrench


Manufacturer STEIN
GTIN / EAN13 5060483281094

X2 Gaff Guard Set     Product# SS-4610122115          

STEIN X1 & X2 Gaff Guard Set

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281131

X2 Replacement Velcro Pad Kit     Product# SS-2H0073          

Replacement Velcro Pad Kit for X2 Climbers (Pair L&R) these are 50mm Taller than the original standard Pads (pre 2013)

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281100

X2 Hygiene Pads for SS-2H0073 Velcro Pads     Product# SS-2H0124          

X2 Replacement Hygiene Pads for SS-2H0073 Velcro Pads

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281124

X2 Replacement Lower Straps     Product# SS-4610122113          

STEIN X1 & X2 Replacement Lower Straps

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281117

Climbing Spurs Storage Bag     Product# SS-5010572005          

Specially design Padded Storage Bag for keeping your Climbing Spurs safe and separated from other essential climbing gear elevating any chance of damage from the gaffs.

This bag can also be used utilized for storage of other kit and is supplied with a partition.

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483280615

Width mm 250

Height mm 600

Volume (L) 38

Top Fastening Zipper

Bag Material Fabric

Waterproof No

Max Load Rating kg 10