STEIN Cambo V5 Chest Harness     Product# SS-5530027040          

Designed in co-operation with Boel Hammarstrand* and Iain “Cam” Cameron, advanced SRT Climbers; the CAMBO V5 Chest Harness gives increased comfort and performance for aiding the progression of your SRT climbing system. 

The CAMBO V5 is fully adaptable to any body size due to the dual adjustment system both for Torso height and Torso width. Specifically designed with an open front V System to alleviate discomfort around the neck and throat region. For added comfort an elasticated chest expander is fitted to reduce the feeling of compression around the chest allowing the harness to be worn comfortably all day without the feeling of being constricted. 

The harness can be easily taken on and off without having to remove your head protection and the colour coded webbing helps to distinguish between the chest band and the shoulder straps. The harness can be worn comfortably over jackets or t-Shirts depending on the weather. 

Fitted with 5 upper front loops and one lower loop which are drawn together when needed allowing you to ultimately decide where to hook your system in. These options give you a much greater balance of efficiency and comfort when advancing your system. 


  • Open V Front to alleviate discomfort around the neck and throat
  • 5 upper attachment points and one lower attachment point
  • Colour Coded webbing to distinguish chest band from shoulder straps
  • Adjustable both in Torso Height and Torso Width
  • Fitted with elasticated Chest Expander
  • Dual Locking Adjusters to stop any Webbing creep
  • Can be worn comfortably over jackets or t-Shirts
  • Easily taken on and off without having to remove your head protection
  • No metal components reducing isolated hot or cold spots subject to weather conditions.
  • Comfortable for both male or female climbers to wear
  • This product is not for use as PPE

 *Swedish Ladies TCC Champion and 3ATC Competition Head Judge.

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281032

STEIN Cambo Foot Loop (S)       Product# SS-5531027030          
STEIN Cambo Foot Loop (M)     Product# SS-5531027040          
STEIN Cambo Foot Loop (L)       Product#SS-5531027050          

The STEIN SRT Foot Loop was first shown in action on the STEIN Technical Demonstration area in 2015 at the UK Arb Show. After long term testing and user feedback sees the development of a product truly designed for the SRT climbers.

Manufactured using a heavy duty treated tube webbing and a dyneema connection loop. This elasticated foot loop is easy to fit to your foot wear. For added security your laces can be tied over the loop making it a semi-permanent fixture to the footwear.

Available in 3 sizes:

SS-55 310 27 030 Foot Loop (Size S) – Ideal for Climbing Boots upto size 43
SS-55 310 27 040 Foot Loop (Size M) – Ideal for Chainsaw Boots sizes 41 to 44
SS-55 310 27 050 Foot Loop (Size L) – Ideal for Chainsaw Boots sizes 45 to 46

These sizes are for guidance purposes only and will vary between different brands of footwear

No for use as PPE

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483280981, 5060483280998, 5060483281001

STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender (R)     Product# SS-4922770001          
STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender (L)      Product# SS-4922870001          


The STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender has been designed in partnership with ISC following extensive feedback from industry professionals requesting a more robust product. Durability and Functionality were paramount during the development process! Utilising tried & tested geometry to provide a smooth upward movement and positive engagement on the rope.

Features & Benefits


The DJANGO unique Stainless Steel cam allows positive engagement on the rope for a firm and reliable grip, with minimal wear to the sheath.

Spring Tension:

The cam-spring underwent extensive testing to ensure that it offered sufficient tension (so as not to easily ‘pop-off’), but still allow the device to move freely upwards without towing the trailing rope.

Foot-operable Cam Lever:

The foot-operable cam lever can be used to easily open and close (engage/disengage) the cam. The cam lever can also be hooked over the body of the device to hold the cam in the open (disengaged) position.

Removable Cam Lever:

The foot lever can easily be removed should the user prefer by removing an Allen Screw. Removing the foot lever allows a greater range of pivot of the cam. This in turn allows the user to deliberately remove the rope from the device, by using a kick technique, with only the leg that the device is mounted on.

Abrasion Resistant Straps:

The DJANGO mounting strap and protective under-foot sleeve are made from specifically developed webbing. Undergoing extensive abrasion testing and field test show superior durability in harsh conditions.

Fully Adjustable Straps:

The DJANGO is fully adjustable on both the horizontal and vertical straps, allowing the user to position the cam body on the boot, according to preference.

Creep-free Webbing:

The combination of the webbing design and the design of the mounting slots & buckles ensure that once adjusted to the desired position, (using the horizontal and vertical adjustment buckles), the DJANJO remains in position throughout use.

Easy to Fit/Remove:

The main Strap buckle is tightened by firmly pulling the webbing strap; and is released by pulling the toggle upwards in a one-handed action. The special design of the anti-slip buckle prevents unwanted strap loosening during use. 

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281018, 5060483284767

Application Climbing

Material Aluminium

Rope Size (mm) 8 – 13

Cam Style Lockable

Length (mm) 75

Width (mm) 52

Weight (g) 198

Colour Blue

Proof Tested Yes

Standard Not PPE

Finish Anodised

Serial Number Yes

STEIN Rope Wrench                   Product# SS-4928070001          
STEIN Rope Wrench Pulley     Product# SS-4928170001          

The Zk -2 Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) is manufactured and distributed worldwide by ISC.

The STRW enables Single Rope Technique (SRT) climbing, minimises slack in the system, ensures consistent friction, allows 1 : 1 efficiency, allows simple re -directs and can easily be set up on multiple limbs.

The Zk -2 model has rounded side plates and pins for minimal rope wear. It is fitted with a pulley wheel, to support the rope radius and minimise rope compression.

The ZK2 It is not intended for use as a primary support.

With Immediate effect, we can no longer supply the non-CE version of the Rope Wrench to any customer / retailer within the EU. Any orders received from European Company`s / Customers with non-CE Rope Wrench’s on will be cancelled.

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483280967, 5060483280288

STEIN Chest Ascender Croll     Product# SS-4922970001          

The STEIN Chest Ascender is compact & lightweight and has been designed for use on a full body harness. Although compact, the device has been ergonomically designed for ease of use, allowing the user to easily add/remove the rope as required (even whilst wearing gloves).

The Chest Ascender body is made from Aluminium, fitted with a Stainless Steel cam and cam-latch, for durability. The spring-loaded latch allows easy one-handed operation whilst attaching/detaching the device to/from the rope. The Chest Ascender rivets are also made from Stainless Steel, for improved corrosion resistance and durability. The STEIN Chest Ascender has a positive grip at low load- even on wet, greasy and oily ropes.

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483282619

Application Climbing

Material Aluminium

Rope Size (mm) 9 – 13

Cam Style Lockable

Length (mm) 115

Width (mm) 75

Weight (g) 173

Colour Black

Proof Tested Yes

Standard EN567:97

Finish Anodised

Serial Number Yes

STEIN Knee Ascent System     Product# SS-8010100001          

The STEIN Knee Ascent System is a simple but effective kit of components which helps assist you in ascending your climbing system easier and faster. Designed to work in conjunction with a foot ascender (STEIN DJANGO) It can be used in either double rope systems (DRT) or in single rope systems (SRT). The knee ascender captures the advancement made by your foot ascender.

This box contains the following items:

1 x SS-4922970001 STEIN Ascender
1 x SS-5533067030 STEIN YD Sling
2 x SS-1H0003 STEIN Karabiner
1 x 1m Black Bungee Cord (cut to user size)

As every climber’s technique and body size is slightly different It is not possible to cover every eventuality relating to the setup of this product therefore this is a self-assembly system. Purchasers and users of this product should seek professional training from a fully qualified and competent instructor prior to use. If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility, do not use this product. This product must be checked on a regular basis and prior to every use.

In addition to this kit you will require a STEIN CAMBO Foot Loop.

Not for use as PPE

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483283098