Tekichu Launcher                       Product# SS-4930100001        
Stein Modular Pole 76cm        Product# SS-1MP076                   
Stein Modular Pole 120cm     Product# SS-1MP120                  
Rubber Foot Mount                   Product# SS-1M0001           


Pronounced “tec-e-choo” meaning “strike home; hit the mark; bulls eye”

The STEIN TEKICHU was designed in Japan as a performance accurate launcher with some ingenious design features such as folding arms for easy storage and easily replaced rubbers. The TEKICHU allows operators to launch a projectile attached to a line virtually straight up and over a desired point allowing for the installation of access lines. The STEIN TEKICHU easily attaches to the  STEIN Modular Poles.


Quick folding arm system for easy storage
Quick rubber replacement system
Heavy duty grip handle
Large re-enforced vinyl pouch
Quick pole attachment

A kit would contain the following items:

1 x SS-4930100001 STEIN TEKICHU c/w pole adapter
3 x SS-1MP076 76cm fiberglass dual purpose pole c/w male & female connectors
1 x SS-1M0001 STEIN Rubber Pole Foot
1 x SS- 

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483284569

GTIN / EAN13 5060483285153 

GTIN / EAN13 5060483285160

STEIN Push & Pull Adaptor     Product SS-8030110010          

STEIN Push & Pull Adaptor

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483284521

STEIN Pole Pick Adaptor     Product# SS-8030110010          

STEIN Pole Pick Adaptor

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483284514


Stein Modular Pole 76cm        Product #SS-1MP076          
Stein Modular Pole 120cm     Product #SS-1MP120          

76cm & 120cm fiberglass dual purpose pole c/w male & female connectors

(Requires an SS-1M0001 Rubber Pole Foot to make this into a Base Pole)

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483285153, 5060483285160

Pole Length cm 76,120

Pole Diameter mm 32

Wall Thickness mm 5.5

Male Fitting Yes

Female Fitting Yes

Weight (g) 700

Electrical Rated No

Modular Pole Bag 120cm     Product# SS-5010172001          
Modular Pole Bag 180cm     Product# SS-5010272001          

The new STEIN Pole Bag is a convenient way to carry pole sections and protect them during transport or storage. This padded bag is designed to hold 4 Poles and has a large Velcro fasting flap for ease of entry. Fitted with a large padded handle for added comfort whilst carrying.

Available for both 120cm and 180cm Poles

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483280622, 5060483280639

Width mm 140

Height mm 1300, 1900

Volume (L) 9,13

Top Fastening Velcro

Bag Material Fabric

Waterproof No

Max Load Rating kg 10

Sectional Pole Rubber Mount     Product# SS-1M0001          

Rubber Foot fits over the Male end of the pole to create a base pole

Manufacturer STEIN


Replacement Spring for STEIN Lopper Head     Product# SS-1MA001S          

Replacement Spring for Bull Lopper Head

Manufacturer STEIN

GTIN / EAN13 5060483284453